27 March 2010

- just get me there -

I don't know why
I said I'd meet him.

I know I gave him my number,
but when?

When we said goodbye?

Oh, yeah.
It was at the bar.

I didn't realize we were
gonna go home together

at that point.



Why did I do that?

Why did I act like that?

I'm only gonna have
two drinks tonight.

I'm not gonna
have sex with him.
I don't want to.

I really don't.

God, I had no intention

of going home
with him or anyone.


When he sat down next to me,
it was so clear

we weren't each other's style
that it wasn't even weird.

And since there was no vibe,
we just started talking

without thinking anything,


and then I don't know
what happened.

I don't think I was drunk.


Although I definitely had
red wine teeth
when I came home.


I'm sure he found that
really attractive

as I sat at the bar
yammering about myself.

Oh, no wonder he was so
excited when we got home.

I finally shut the fuck up.


I hardly said a word
the rest of the night
after that.

 It was good,

but there's nowhere
for it to go.

I think it would've been fine
if it was just sex,

but it took another turn.


Something happened.
I don't know what zone
that was,

but both of us
played into it.

It's good
we're gonna do this--

have a couple of drinks
and get straight.


Let him know
I know what this was--



God, I hate that window.

I don't want
to see the innards
of the subway system.

Makes me feel sick.

Just get me there.

26 March 2010

- sur le quai -

.. се случват чудеса.

- kandinsky -

'Composition 7'

11 March 2010

- lady song -

Бях в такова очакване на едно определено писмо... и вече получих част от него, но ме направи много по-щастлива от колкото си мислех.. 

Както винаги, все по-затоплящото се време, носи все вдъхновение и.. както чуваме, според Насекомикс вятърът рони хормони и бонбони. Какво по-дескриптивно за ранна парижка пролет...?!
listening Lady song by Nasekomix