18 July 2010

- belleruche -

..shy from the loudest voice
The serpent I avoid
Choose to fight a battle rare

It doesn't mean that I am bad
It doesn't mean that I am scared
It's just not worth the breath

I speak my mind when I'm at home
Censor when I'm not alone
Choose who I am open to

It doesn't mean that I am closed
It doesn't mean I've given up on hope
It's just not worth the breath

I hear when I must defend
When you've got naught to prove
I'll wait and listen to your view

It doesn't mean we must agree
It doesn't mean that you know me
It's just where it begins

We live in a time of change
Breathe in what remains
Left from worlds before

It doesn't mean we should destroy
Carry on mistakes ignored
It's just all too short

I cry when I can't express
This feeling of torment
When I can't get through to you

I do because I care
I do out of despair
Wish you could understand

I'm low when I get it wrong
When dreams have been shot down
When I reveal things I don't want to see

It doesn't mean I'm in denial
It doesn't mean I want to hide
But there's too much to bare

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